Kevin Zuckerman has many years of experience creating custom, commissioned artwork for private homes as well as offices and public buildings. Each custom painting he creates is unique and specifically designed with the client’s input to be a perfect fit for the designated room or living area.Sometimes it can be challenging to find the perfect painting to fit your room. It has to be just the right dimensions and colors to work, in that case a custom, commissioned painting can be the answer. If my artwork appeals to you, then consider the possibility of having me create a unique painting for you, with your input as to color, size, and artistic elements which you can “borrow” from some of his other paintings.If you would like to commission a custom painting a suggested approach is provide below.

1. Decide on the size of the painting.
This can be done by using “Blue Painters Tape” from Home Depot and marking off the wall with the tape to the size that looks right. Then adjust the dimensions of the tape, width and height until you find the right proportions for your wall, this will be easier than it sounds as your eye will tell you when it is too big or too small for the wall.

2. Browse through Kevin’s website and find a painting or paintings that especially appeals to you and get ideas of color and style.

3. Contact Kevin through email or phone and start the conversation.

Once you have agreed on a painting a deposit to begin the painting is required.

When the painting nears completion Kevin will email images and you can discuss and request changes and at this time. Perhaps you would like to see more red in a certain area or would like an area to be lighter in tone, this is no problem. A contemporary “floater” frame is included in the price of the painting unless you have a special framing request.

When the painting is completed the balance is due including shipping cost and the painting will be shipped to you.

I look forward to hearing from you and creating a beautiful painting for your home!


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